URI North America Staff & Volunteers

Sari Heidenreich
Regional Coordinator 

Sari has been the Regional Coordinator for North America since October 2014, bringing with her a background of cross-cultural living and working. She spent middle and high school in Ghana, West Africa, where her parents worked with a network of churches. As an adult, she spent time living, traveling and working in Middle East, including a year-long stint in Jerusalem. This immersion gave her the life-changing experience of entering into the worlds of people from different backgrounds and finding common ground with them. Sari absolutely loves connecting with people and sharing their stories, a set of skills applies to her work at URI.

You can reach Sari by calling (415) 762-2713 or emailing sari@uri.org.

Lisa Fruth 
Social Media Intern

Lisa Fruth is passionate about bringing people together in a way that values diversity. She has a deep commitment to honor and cherish each person on this Earth, vowing to respect each person’s values. She truly believes that we are better because of our differences and by capitalizing on those differences, we can create a world that is beyond anything any one of us could devise alone. Lisa has a background in both Computer Science and Education along with 18 years of volunteer experience. She has worked in both private industry and government environments, including the National Digital Library Program at the Library of Congress. Lisa joined the team this fall as Social Media Intern and is excited to share her passion for interfaith work.

Jessica Gorman 
Storytelling Intern

Jessica is fascinated by the power of story. While pursuing a career in entertainment, she was overcome by the global need for women’s voices to be heard. Thus, she founded “She is Heard”, a Southern California based movement that empowers women by giving them a platform to share their stories. She is currently pursuing her Master’s in Peace and Justice at the University of San Diego where she focuses on using storytelling as a means of reducing conflict. Jessica also values her faith, using it as a catalyst for creating a healthier, more peaceful world.