What is the URI North America Leadership Council?

The URI North America Leadership Council is a working board of up to 13 members who support the URI network in the US and Canada. They do this by providing strategic direction and helping to implement various programs and initiatives. The Leadership Council is made up of up to 13 voting members (3 Global Trustees, and up to 10 At-Large members) and one non-voting staff member.

The Council was formed in 2009 from members of URI North America Cooperation Circles and Affiliates. Since then, they have guided the development of a region-wide organization to provide support for the growth and strengthening of URI throughout Canada and the United States . The region has established itself as a corporation and has been approved as a tax-exempt 501(c)3 charitable organization by the US Internal Revenue Service.

What are some words that describe an ideal Leadership Council member?

    • Team player
    • Passionate
    • Hard worker
    • Competent
    • Compassionate
    • Reliable
    • Forward-thinking

What is expected of a member of the Leadership Council?

Leadership Council members:

  1. Agree to and embody URI’s Preamble, Purposes, and Principles
  2. Are enthusiastic about working with consensus-building and collaborative decision-making processes
  3. Commit 10 hours — or more — per month to the work of the Leadership Council, as this is a working board. This includes strengthening URI by,
    • Taking part in every-other-month telephone meetings of the Leadership Council, and attend one in-person meeting each year.
    • Building relationships with URI Cooperation Circles and Affiliates across the US and Canada. This may include phone calls, video conferences, in-person visits, etc.
    • Supporting the expansion of URI, including by developing relationships with individuals and organizations not yet affiliated with URI and encouraging membership in URI.  
  4. Helping guide the strategic direction of the organization based on input received through the above relationships
  5. Each LC member are asked to make a donation to URI NA annually.  There is no minimum amount required. It’s up to the discretion of each member.

How long do Leadership Council members serve?

At-Large Leadership Council members are appointed to serve three-year terms. At the conclusion of their first term, they can be re-appointed to serve an additional three-year term. Members can serve for a maximum of 6 consecutive years.

What are the qualifications for serving on the LC?

Anyone who is:

    • Part of a URI Cooperation Circle or Affiliate

– AND –

    • Lives in Canada and the United States (including member of Multiregion Cooperation Circles)

– AND –

I am interested in serving on the Leadership Council. How do I apply?

Applications can be completed online If you have any additional questions or comments please contact the Regional Coordinator.