What is URI

United Religions Initiative

Overview of URI

URI (United Religions Initiative) is an internationally recognized interfaith network active in nearly 80 countries with its global office in San Francisco, California. We cultivate and connect grassroots change-makers across religious, cultural and geographic boundaries, harnessing their collective power to take on religiously motivated violence and social, economic and environmental crises that destabilize regions and contribute to poverty.

The seed for URI was planted in 1993 when the United Nations invited The Right Reverend William Swing, Episcopal Bishop of California, to host an interfaith service in San Francisco. A vision took shape to create a grassroots organization where people of diverse faiths could come together to build peace. By 2000, people from many diverse religions, spiritual expressions and indigenous traditions had successfully created the URI Charter, the very foundation of the organization. In 2010, URI celebrated its 10th anniversary and all the people around the world who work to create grassroots actions of care, compassion, cooperation, education, and peace.

The Preamble, Purpose, Principles (PPPs) of the URI Charter is the foundation of URI and it guides all actions within URI—of individual members and the global organization. The URI Charter offers tremendous support and safety to individuals working together to reduce religiously-motivated violence and to create cultures of peace, justice, and healing.  {sharethis}

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