Save the Date: Interfaith activists to meet on URI community call

2017 – what a year it has been!

For interfaith peacebuilders and activists working in all sectors, it has been a year of dichotomies — of challenges and victories, of joys and tragedies, of steps forward and steps backward.

How often do you have the opportunity to reflect on the year that has gone by? And to gather with other people doing interfaith work — from communities all across the US and Canada — to swap stories, share learnings, and find encouragement? Well, now, you do!

Join your fellow URI members for:

Looking Forward with Purpose: Growth, Peace, Learning and Sharing with Peacebuilders From Around North America

URI’s Executive Director, The Rev. Victor Kazanjian

This participatory call will be focused on conversations among participants for relationship-building, sharing and learning. We will also be joined by a special guest! URI’s Executive Director, The Rev. Victor Kazanjian, will join us to both listen to your sharing and offer words of encouragement and a brief update on the work of your fellow URI members around the world.  North American Regional Coordinator Sari Heidenreich will also share exciting opportunities for you to stay connected to your fellow URI members in 2018.

You will have the opportunity to both share and listen as we explore questions such as:

  • How do you feel as we come to the end of this year?
  • What has your Cooperation Circle/Affiliate accomplished that you are proud of?
  • What have you learned in your interfaith peacebuilding work this year that you want to share?
  • What excites you for the year ahead?
  • What do you need to learn — and who do you need to know — to support you to accomplish this in the year ahead?

RSVP today to reserve your slot. Space on this call is limited to members of URI Cooperation Circles and Affiliates operating in the United States or Canada.