Laughter, Learning and Listening: Stories from a Gathering of Southern Peacebuilders

laughter southeast URI gathering

Laughter, listening and learning — these are the three things that came flooding back to me as I looked at photos from the weekend  I spent at Kashi with peacebuilders from half a dozen southern states. This gathering was convened by the United Religions Initiative and brought together nearly 30 grassroots activists from  12 different URI member organizations, called Cooperation Circles, and from a handful of groups that were just finding out about URI. I invite you to come along as I tell you about our weekend of laughing, learning and listening!


Sari Heidenreich, North America Regional Coordinator


As the weekend began, many of us were meeting each other for the first time and what brought us together was a shared passion for peacebuilding in the southeast United States.

From the very beginning, it was clear this group of people was special. There was so much laughter, and oh was it good! It was good for our souls. It opened our hearts to one another.  It set the stage for an environment in which learning was meaningful — but far from boring.

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