Our Golden Opportunity

“What gives you #TangibleHope in the world today? How do your values and/or belief systems come into conversation with this #TangibleHope?”

Michelle Rioux, young adult interfaith activist: 

I would not consider myself judgmental, although I have strong beliefs. I would not consider myself religious, although I pray.  I am not Buddhist, although I meditate every single day. I am not a humanitarian, although I care about our planet and immerse myself into making a better community. I would not consider myself to be wise, but I am here to learn.  

I am a “new age thinker.” My values and beliefs have no religious restraint. I have learned from many teachers in my short lifetime. I have been faced with many obstacles in this life, perhaps even enough for two lifetimes. I have experiences on the spectrum of mental exhaustion to survival; emotional warfare to resilience; physical limitations to rehabilitation. All are very traumatic, yet each a beautiful experience in its own way.  

I like to call these experience’s “life cycles,” a phenomenon to which I know many can relate. These are the ups and downs that we have on a daily basis, as well as the continual battles and pressures we face racially, economically and socially.

I ask, “what is hope?”

As human beings, we can be controversial, opinionated, stubborn, but also resilient. We all have daily tasks that shape our experiences. As life happens, we have all had our hardship, but we of conscientious mind have the ability to perceive and experience this life as we choose. I believe that we hold the power to create our own existence; we have the power to accept defeat or to rise above it. We are all creatures of our own self perception.

We have the innate ability to perceive our experiences with the betterment of growth. Human nature is to seek out joy but it is also human nature to be selfish.

Hope falls somewhere in the middle of both extremes. We may hope for change but never commit to it. We may hope for financial stability and get a raise. Hope is the link between our conscientious mind and physical manifestations. Hope gives direction to our life, a way to develop self expression and obtain our deepest dreams and desires.

It will give you an infinite ability to create, revise and rewrite the pages of your life. Hope is the thread that allows us to explore our path in this world.

This world needs hope and new age thinkers. Together we can conscientiously form the world we would like to see around us and make it a better place. Particularly by the way we think, act and choose to treat one another on a daily basis.

Tangible hope is our Golden Opportunity to change the world.


Every Tuesday, the #TangibleHope Diaries series features responses from North American grassroots peacebuilders on what gives them tangible hope in the world today. See you next week! Learn more here.