Visiting and Learning from Interfaith Groups in Southern California

In early August, I headed to San Diego, California, where I spent an incredible and intense five days immersed in the North American Interfaith Network Connect. Alongside URI North America Leadership Council members Ardey Turner, Fred Fielding, Johnny Martin and Gard Jameson, I was privileged to support this gathering through the planning and facilitation of an intergenerational dialogue as well as facilitating a workshop on engaging various types of diversity in the interfaith movement.

The gathering was also a wonderful time to meet new people and connect with old friends — both from within the URI network (there were attendees from at least nine URI Cooperation Circles and three URI North America Affiliates) and from places and organizations I had never met. (Deeper reflections on this gathering to come in a future blog post.)

Whenever I interact with anyone doing interfaith peacebuilding work, I try to ask questions that help me learn and understand practices that can be shared within and beyond the URI network; to share what is happening in other parts of URI; when possible, to make practical connections between and among people doing this work that don’t know one another; and to get input on how they think URI can continue to grow and serve our members, and the interfaith movement as a whole.

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