Sustaining the #TangbileHope campaign: announcing our crowdfunding campaign

Today is an exciting day. We are taking the next step to continue the #TangibleHope movement by launching a crowdfunding campaign to help this initiative continue beyond its original end date of December 9th. Momentum is building and we want keep the snowball rolling!

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In August, we launched the #TangibleHope online media campaign to reach new audiences with stories of hope to counter the fear and hate that so often take the headlines and leave us feeling discouraged and helpless. This campaign was also in direct response to requests from URI members across the region seeking a larger platform to share stories of grassroots peacebuilding work happening across Canada and the United States!

Since then, we have shared stories of hope every day — stories such as a coalition of diverse people gathering to feed the homeless, people all around Canada and the United States taking a day for peace and police-community dialogues organized by a local interfaith organization.

We are working to create a movement of people sharing stories like these, and our successes are starting to roll in:

  • The NPR show Morning Edition shared the message with their 170,000 followers,
  • Sikh filmmaker and activist Valarie Kaur has shared what gives her #TangibleHope,
  • Regional Coordinator Sari Heidenreich was interviewed about the campaign on the online radio show NOWTime Radio.

In the often-toxic climate we live in, we believe it is important to continue placing emphasis on spreading stories of hope. And so, we want to extend this campaign beyond the set December 9 end-date.

The resources raised in this campaign will be used to get stories of hope in front of a broader audience and support our staff and volunteers as they cultivate partnerships as well as research and write positive stories and videos.

In the four hours since the launch of this fundraising campaign, we have raised 18% of our goal and been selected as a “Popular Fundraiser” by Generosity. Will you help us continue to make progress? If everyone does what they can, we are confident we will reach our goal of raising $7,000 by November 17!

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With Gratitude,
The URI North America Leadership Council

United Religions Initiative North America Leadership Council