One Planet, One Family Gathering

One Planet, One Family Gathering

Did you know that…?

Alaska is on the front lines of dealing with climate change.

Because of this, Alaska Interfaith Power and Light and the United Religions Initiative North America are hosting a gathering for environmentally-concerned URI members from across the US and Canada to:

  • learn about—and see—the climate crisis in Alaska,
  • understand how it affects those of us working on environmental issues outside of Alaska, AND
  • work together to identify solutions!

The gathering, entitled “One Planet, One Family: Facing Our Environmental Challenges & Finding Solutions Together,” will take place in Juneau, Alaska from September 12-15, 2019.

World-renowned climate scientist and public speaker Dr. Katharine Hayhoe will be the key speaker of the conference and participants will have ample time to spend working collaboratively on finding solutions to our shared concerns.

Let us bring together our knowledge, wisdom, and energy to fan the flame of caring for Our Common Home!

The Gathering


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