Websites That Open Doors To Peace

Several of our CCs, Affiliates and other organizations have excellent materials on their own websites that can prove fruitful when used as learning materials, either for individuals or when used as program materials in events.

Topics in this collection:

    • Countering Islamophobia
    • The Environment
    • Migration Justice
    • Interfaith Collaboration
    • Interfaith Understanding
    • Learning Nonviolence
    • Middle East Peacebuilding
    • Youth (Materials especially suitable for youth)


20,000 Dialogues — Source of free program materials of exceptional quality appropriate for groups wishing to explore and discuss Islam and its relationship to other peoples and faiths in the 21st Century.

Topics: Countering Islamaphobia
Produced by: an Affiliate of URI in North America


Action and Advocacy for Climate Change: A Resource Guide for Religious Communities

Topics: The Environment
Produced by Religions for Peace



Amazing Breathing Earth World Map of population and CO2 statistics.

Topics: The Environment



America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: a Pilot Study prepared by the Pluralism Project. Summary Report, City Based Research for 20 medium sized cities, Promising Practices,  Multimedia resources. As of early 2012. Not to be missed.

Topics: Interfaith Understanding


Ashoka – The Universal Elements of Religion by Scott Horton. “There should be growth in the essentials of all religions.” from 256 BCE.

Topics: Interfaith Understanding



Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding at Georgetown University. Source of numerous workshops and teaching resources.

Topics:  Countering Islamaphobia



Christians for Comprehensive Immigration Reform A film guide for dialogue on issues surrounding our national immigration policy.

Topics:  Migration Justice


Culture of Peace Initiative brings together the many peace groups from around the world, concentrating particularly on the U.N. International Day of Peace.

Topics:  Peacebuilding, nuclear disarmament


Declaration by the Canadian Council of Imams from August, 2010. Great statement supporting both the unity and the diversity of humanity.

Topics: Countering Islamaphobia



From Commitment to Action: What Religious Communities can do to Eliminate Violence against Children produced by UNICEF and Religions for Peace. This downloadable guide aims to help religious communities harness their spiritual, moral and social strengths to prevent, respond to and eliminate violence against children.

Topics: Learning Nonviolence

Gleorge Wolfe’s Ball State University Page has links to articles and talks by one of America’s most dangerous men, Prof. George Wolfe, who is also the primary contact for the Muncie Indiana Interfaith Fellowship, a URI CC.

Topics:  Learning Nonviolence

Global Interdependence Movements, Declarations and Days from Tom Atlee’s posterous blog.  References We the World’s Declaration of Interdependence.

Topics:  Interfaith Understanding
Produced by: an Affiliate of URI in North America.


Golden Rule Home an overview of the new Golden Rule movement by Jeffrey Wattles, author of a 1996 book on the topic

Topics:  Interfaith Understanding, Learning Nonviolence


Golden Rule Art Exercise and Lesson Plan for schools and youth groups by Gregory McKenna of Scarboro Missions.**

Topics:  Interfaith Understanding, Learning Nonviolence, Youth
Produced by: an Affiliate of URI in North America.


Golden Rule Curriculum – This curriculum unit was inspired by the Scarboro Missions Golden Rule Poster which features texts of the Golden Rule as found in 13 of the world’s religions. Scarboro Missions.** With translations of the texts into many languages.  And here is a set of commentaries on the Golden Rule from well know sources.

Topics: Interfaith Understanding, Learning Nonviolence
Produced by: an Affiliate of URI in North America.


The Golden Rule: An Islamic-Dialogic Perspective – A rare paper about the Golden Rule by an Islamic scholar, Sohaib Saeed. This is a thoughtful essay, well worth reading.

Topics: Interfaith Understanding, Countering Islamophobia.


Greenfaith – offers quick, easy steps in their Getting Started for Individuals/Householdsor Getting Started for Houses of Worship. And here are 12 ways to save energy in your congregation, school or agency.

Topics: The Environment, Interfaith Understanding



The Green Prophet – the leading source of environmental news on the Middle East region.

Topics: The Environment, Mideast Peacebuilding


Interfaith Center at the Presidio – Bay Area Interfaith CalendarResources and more

Topics: Interfaith Understanding




Interfaith Coalition for Immigrants Rights – ICIF-CLUE-CA – Since 1993, ICIR has organized among immigrant and faith communities and led public education and advocacy efforts across the state of California.

Topics: Migration Justice


Interfaith Marketplace – calendars, cards, jewelry, even a clip art CD

Topics: Interfaith Understanding



Interfaith Power & Light How Cool is your Congregation? – carbon footprint quiz.

Topics: The Environment



Mayors for Peace Local organizations can work for a nuclear weapons free world by signing up their city to this global network of over 3100 cities headed by the Mayor of Hiroshima.

Topics:  Nuclear Disarmament For peacebuilders everywhere and particularly in Israel/Palestine.  Join now what promises to be a key to tomorrow.

Topics: Middle East Peacebuilding Conscious Content Network & Social Community – Featuring Sustainable Solutions, Peace-Builders, Entertainment, Education, Spirit, & the Millennium Development Goals

Topics:  Peacebuilding


Peace Kawomera Cooperative  Buy fair trade coffee direct from a multi-faith cooperative and URI CC in our sister region, Africa.

Topics:  Interfaith Collaboration


PEACENEXT.ORG The online social network created by the Parliament of the World’s Religions to help bring together the global interreligious community every day.

Topics:  Interfaith Collaboration



Pew Forum Survey: Religion in American Culture Based on interviews with more than 35,000 American adults.

Topics:  Interfaith Understanding, Countering Islamaphobia


Resources for Catholic / Muslim Relations  Together, Catholics and Muslims form one-third of the world’s population. There are therefore lots of reasons for promoting positive relations between these two faiths. This two-page document on the Scarboro Missions website outlines numerous suggestions, tips and resources to enable Muslims and Catholics at a parish/congregational level to learn and cooperate with one another.

Christian Witness in a Multi-Religious World
  Also from Scarboro Missions.  In 2011, this 5-page document was jointly published by the World Council of Churches, the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (Vatican) and the World Evangelical Alliance. Together, these bodies represent 90 percent of the world’s Christians. The purpose of the document is to address practical issues associated with Christian witness in a multi-religious world. The document encourages churches, church councils and mission agencies to reflect on their current practices and to use the recommendations in the document to prepare their own guidelines for their witness and mission among those of different religions and among those who do not profess any particular religion.

Topics:  Interfaith Understanding


Serving God Through Serving Humanity by Vicki Armour-Hileman, a text jointly selected by a group of Jews and Muslims. “To believe in one God is to believe there is a Oneness that underlies all reality.”

Topics:  Interfaith Understanding



Taking it Global “The largest online community of youth interested in global issues and creating positive change.”

Topics: Learning Nonviolence, Youth



Teachable Moment Community Response Guide by the Center for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Thoughts and resources on countering Islamaphobia.


Topics: Interfaith Understanding, Countering Islamophobia

That They May All be One a Christian sermon by David Randle**. “The will to live is found in every animal and plant species on the planet.”

Topics: Interfaith Understanding, The Environment
Produced by: **a URI member





Understanding Sharia Law a well written rebuttal of the “Sharia Threat” argument as published by the conservative Center for Security Policy.  It is not too long and you will come away from reading it with a good understanding of what Sharia is and is not.  A copy of the article in pdf form is also available on the URI in North America website.

Topics: Interfaith Understanding, Countering Islamophobia




Universal Human Rights Index, The UHRI database with an upgraded index as of March 2012, is a means to support advocacy, efforts to disseminate the outcomes and recommendations of all UN human rights mechanism, and to promote implementation and follow-up. The UHRI database was first launched in 2006.

Topics: Countering Islamaphobia, Migration Justice



United Muslims in America Interfaith Alliance, Iftekhar Hai**, President. Ask for their PDF documents: “Interfaith Behavior for Everyone” and “Interfaith Behavior for Muslims”.

Topics: Interfaith Understanding, Countering Islamophobia
Produced by: a friend of URI




The URI Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide produced by the global office of URI in San Francisco. Provides activities and best practices for interfaith groups who are making a difference one meeting at a time in their local communities and any group interested in learning more about other traditions and participating in interfaith activities.  Other resources are available from the same source.

Topics: Interfaith Collaboration
Produced by: United Religions Initiative



What is ‘True Piety’ According to the Qur’an? by Kabir Helminski.  “… it is they, they who are conscious of God.”

Topics: Interfaith Understanding, Countering Islamaphobia



Women in Religious Peacebuilding summary report from the US Institute of Peace. Full report here as pdf.

Topics: Women, Peacebuilding




Why Copenhagen should be on your Spiritual Radar by Carolyn Myass.  The Environmental Conference at Copenhagen has come and gone, but the life-changing ideas in this article remain highly relevant.

Topics: The Environment