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With the exception of one staff person, the North America region of URI, and nearly all of its Cooperation Circles, are lead by volunteers–people who hold the strong conviction that our world cannot become the place we would have it be for ourselves and our children’s children unless we find a better way to live with one another. Perhaps people just like you.

If you find yourself saying “Yes!” to much of what you see on this website, we invite you to say “Yes” to that part of yourself that also wants to make a difference in the world. We invite you to become a volunteer with URI North America.  When you do, you’ll find yourself growing into new a new relationship with your world – locally, regionally, even globally.  Here are just some of the ways you can play a part – your part – in helping to build a world of growing peace. Peace both in relating with people of diverse faiths, religions, and indigenous traditions, and a peace built in collaboration with those people who you might otherwise never have a chance to meet.

Ways to Volunteer:

Volunteering in URI just might expand your world and bring you satisfaction, growth, adventure… and peace…in the process.

For more information, contact Regional Coordinator, Sari Heidenreich at 415-762-2713.

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  • Click here to view the current special project needs we have: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VGSkp3KC6ZCcZHdxFQ6hRAKowDCAKXlg6e-vVlTRscQ/edit?usp=sharing