Welcoming Anissa to serve YOU!

Dear URI Family,

As you know, the United Religions Initiative is a grassroots, member-driven movement. Therefore, we at URI North America have often asked members of your Cooperation Circle or Affiliate to share your  needs with us. While we’re not always able to fulfill them at that time, we do commit to working on being in a position to do so in the future.

We’re delighted to say that, today is one of those days!

You have consistently expressed two requests over the years: 1) for communications support and 2) for help in raising national/international awareness of your  work. In the past, we have provided this support — but on a minimal level.

That is now about to change.

We, at URI North America, have hired Anissa Abdel-Jelil as your new Communications and Outreach Coordinator.

Anissa HeadshotAnissa will work with our team at URI North America to strategically build regional awareness of your grassroots work. Please join us in welcoming her!

Many of you have already been in touch with Anissa: she joined the URI North America team last November as a Fellow while she completed her Certificate in Spirituality and Social Change at the Pacific School of Religion. We have been deeply impressed with her commitment to interfaith work and social justice, her creative thinking to address URI North America’s unique needs, and her posture as a servant-leader to North American Cooperation Circles and Affiliates. In her new role, she will continue to welcome and seek your input and advice so that this expansion of our work truly serves you.

To help you get to know Anissa better, we’ve put together a short video (4 minutes) and biography, in which she shares her personal, academic and professional background. (Be sure to watch the video all the way till the end for a fun, little-known fact about her. *Hint: It has to do with a camel.*)

We want you to know that we have made this move because we listened to your needs — and the needs of your fellow interfaith peacebuilders across Canada and the United States.

In Your Service,

Sari Heidenreich
Regional Coordinator, URI North America