The #TangibleHope campaign is on a mission to spread stories of hope and inspire and equip people to create more. We hope you found your way to this page because you are inspired and are ready to be equipped. Below you will find resources hand-picked for their ability to challenge our mindsets and behaviors equip us to create change in both our personal lives and the community around us. If you’re interested in a broader variety of resources, head over to our main Resources page.

Love Has No Labelslove has no labels

Love Has No Labels is a great one-stop-shop resource for countering bias and prejudice produced by the AdCouncil. Click through their tips for responding to prejudice in situations from group emails to your social circle. You can also scroll down the page to take their bias quiz.


Talking Back To Hatetbth

The Talking Back to Hate Toolkit  provides ideas for actions by individuals and groups to counter rising hate, discrimination, and bias-motivated violence.

Beyond the Golden Ruletargeted at parents and teaching tolerance at all ages, colorful, insightful, organized action + one-on-one actions

Beyond the Golden Rule guides parents through teaching tolerance to children, with targeted sections to each age group. Produced by Teaching Tolerance, this guide is colorful and insightful and contains suggestions for actions you can take within your family or in broader community.

Reaching Out Across the Red-Blue Dividepublic conversations project

This easy-to-follow guide from the Public Conversations Project walks you through the steps of having a deep, honest conversation with one person whose perspective differs from your own, not for the sake of convincing one another but to move, together, beyond stereotypes and limiting assumptions

Principles of Dialogueprinciples for dialogue

Principles of Dialogue is an excellent basic dialogue guide, framed for group dialogue but the principles can be easily applied to every day and one-on-one conversations with people around you.

Interfaith Peacebuilding Guideinterfaith peacebuilding guide

The Interfaith Peacebuilding Guide is comprehensive guide provides activities and guides for groups that want to help lessen fear and mend divisions, develop the skills for dealing with difference and more.

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