PHOTOS: Cooperation Circles Celebrate World Interfaith Harmony Week!

World Interfaith Harmony Week is upon us and URI Cooperation Circles across North America are celebrating. Click on each image below to scroll through the galleries and share in these exciting events. To find out more about upcoming events, click here.

Project Harmony

Location: Irvine, California
Host Cooperation Circle: Hope in Life Foundation
Participating Cooperation Circles: S.A.R.A.H. and Compassion Action Network


Appreciation & Meditation

Location: San Francisco, California

Host Cooperation Circle: URI Global Support Staff Deepening the Journey

Compassion Games

Location: Around the World
Host Cooperation Circle: Compassion Action Network
Participating Cooperation Circles: S.A.R.A.H., Silicon Valley Interreligious Council, Interfaith Works, Women Transcending Boundaries, Abbey of Hope, Interfaith Council of Contra Costa County, 9/11 Unity Walk, Interfaith Chapel at the University of Rochester

“Over 30 teams around the world submitted nearly 100 reports showing that well over 50,000 people were served through the Compassion Games in this seven day coopetition. This is just what got reported, and most players don’t report. No one will know for sure the impact of all this interfaith kindness and caring that was unleashed, and continues to be unleashed, on our precious world.” Click here to review the Compassion Map!

Mosque Visit & Interfaith Cafe Conversation

Location: Rochester, NY
Host Cooperation Circle: Interfaith Chapel at the University of Rochester
Participating Organizations: Student Association for Interfaith Cooperation

Mosque Visit: “The interfaith student group hosted a visit to the Islamic Center of Rochester (ICR) on Sunday, February 1. Fifteen non-Muslim students visited the ICR and learned about Islam from the youth group at the ICR. They observed prayer, toured the center and engaged in interfaith dialogue with the members of the ICR youth group. For all but one of them, this was the first time they had ever visited a mosque or spoken to Muslims.”

Interfaith Cafe: “The Student Association for Interfaith Cooperation teamed up with the University’s Pride Network to sponsor an evening of interfaith conversation at our weekly Interfaith Cafe on the issue of the intersection of LGBTQIA identity and religion. Given that religions are typically seen as hostile to the LGBTQIA community and that the issue of LGBTQIA inclusion is often avoided in interfaith conversations, SAIC wanted to offer an opportunity for that kind of dialogue to occur. We were delighted to see students at the Interfaith Chapel for this conversation who usually avoid anything remotely religious. The conversations were lively and informative and students learned about religious traditions where the LGBTQIA community can safely pursue their religious life.”



Discussion: Building Compassion

Location: Sunnyvale, California
Host Cooperation Circle: Silicon Valley Interreligious Council (SiVIC)

“As the afternoon progressed, we embarked on a group discussion with brothers and sisters from different faiths sharing their religion’s view on compassion as part of an event hosted by SiVIC’s and the Pacifica Institute in celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week and as part of theCompassion Games’ Interfaith League.” Read More.



WIHW at the United Nations: Multi-religious Partnership for Sustainable Development

Location: New York, New York
Host Cooperation Circle: The United Religions Initiative at the United Nations

“Speakers inspired us with their stories, projects and personal events that highlighted the importance of interfaith harmony in their lives and their work. Peace, human rights, poverty, equality of women, education, health and the environment are shared goals and hopes among people of all faiths and countries. The event highlighted the role of multi-religious and multi-sectoral partnerships in achieving the proposed Sustainable Development Goals.” Read More.

World Interfaith Harmony Assembly: “Commonalities Within Our Diversity”

Location: Syracuse, New York
Host Cooperation Circles: InterFaithWorks and Women Transcending Boundaries

“Perhaps you’ve heard it said: “Religion must die for mankind to live.” (Religulous, 2008)….After last Sunday’s World Interfaith Harmony Assembly (WIHA), I smiled thinking that statement couldn’t be more wrong! Celebrating the United Nation’s annual observance of World Interfaith Harmony Week, the sanctuary of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in downtown Syracuse, my church, was filled with a kaleidoscope of different faith communities. On February 8th, the colors of our stained glass windows were bested by the colorful community assembled within. Muslims joined with Christians, Jews joined with Muslims, Mormons joined with Lutherans, Hindus, Sikhs, Sudanese Christians, Zen Buddhist monks joined with Unity; all to express our Commonality Within Diversity.” Read More. 

World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebration in Surrey

Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Host Cooperation Circle: Global Clergy Association Vancouver, BC

“WIHW celebration is an appeal for active and ongoing dialogue , for the creation of a just, peaceful and sustainable future. It is an endorsement by religious leaders for creating harmony and fostering peaceful environment.He further said that this celebration in Laxminarayan Mandir sets the stage for further interfaith collaboration and cooperation to cultivating harmony in diverse religious communities of Greater Vancouver.” Read More. 


Interfaith Celebration!

Location: Surrey, British Columbia
Host Organization: Surrey Interfaith Council
Participating Cooperation Circles: Global Clergy Association Vancouver, BC, InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society CC and URI Vancouver CC

Peace Flags

Location: Brunswick, Maine
Host Cooperation Circle: Abbey of HOPE

Abbey of HOPE hosted a World Interfaith Harmony Week Observance with people from Jewish, Christian, Interfaith, Earth Based spirituality and Scientology joining together to reflect, sing and make peace flags.

Interfaith Worship

Location: Seattle, WA

Host Cooperation Circle: Interfaith Community Sanctuary
Participating Cooperation Circles: The Interfaith Network of Washington CC, Compassionate Action Network International

“To kick off World Interfaith Harmony Week, we held an interfaith worship service at the Interfaith Community Sanctuary with Rabbi Ted Falcon and Imam Jamal Rahman (The Interfaith Amigos), Ann Holmes Redding (Abrahamic Reunion West), Jon Ramer (Compassion Games International), John Hale (Compassion Seattle, Northwest Interfaith Community Outreach), and Rev. Karen Lindquist (Interfaith Community Sanctuary, The Interfaith Network). We collected cans of soup for our local food bank as part of the Compassion Games International “Souper Bowl 2015.” Throughout the week we supported more gatherings to celebrate WIHW including a restorative justice gathering, a dinner at Seattle University, and a “Sun Up Our Sanctuaries” workshop about installing solar panels on our Houses of Worship.”


Souper Bowl of Kickoff Luncheon

Location: Phoenix, AZ
Host Cooperation Circle: Arizona Interfaith Movement

“The Arizona Interfaith Movement kicked off the week with their “Souper Bowl Kickoff Luncheon” to help tackle hunger! As many celebrated the 49th Super Bowl game, we remained mindful of those without a bowl of soup to eat.”

Interfaith Leadership Summit

Location: Washington, DC
Host Organization: InterFaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington
Participating Cooperation Circles: 9/11 Unity Walk



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