In addition to the following collection of traditional resources, one of the best resources for planning effective programs is found through connecting with other URI members. We will be posting materials here which provide templates of programs and events which have worked well in North American CCs, as well as best practices, tips and other tools provided by the regional or global offices. Additions to this collection of resources are welcome.

» Webinars and Resource Guides

» Talking Back to Hate 

» Gratitude, Forgiveness and Contemplative Outreach

» Science of Compassion and Altruism

»  Program materials from North American CCs and Affiliates

Scarboro Missions Interfaith Department in Toronto, Canada website has curriculum and useful educational resources for interfaith work, including workshop outlines, activities, guidelines, exercises, meditations, PowerPoint, etc:

»  CC Planning and Management Tools

•  A Progressive Course of Conflict Management
•  A model of the CC vitality cycle

»  Using the URI Global Website – an easy win-win

•  URI Brand Toolbox – very impressive – for web and newsletter-builders
•  CCs Have Global Impact
•  How to Post to the URI Blog
•  How to Update a CC webpage on the URI Website
•  URI Global Community Directory (as of December 2011)

»  Interfaith Solidarity ToolsActions for Interfaith Solidarity

•  URI Toolkit – Actions for Interfaith Solidarity

»  Media Contact Information

•  Media Group Emails and OP Ed Submission – top 100 newspapers (doc)
•  Media Group Emails and OP Ed Submission – top 100 newspapers (PDF)
•  NPR, NYTimes, WashPost Newsrooms, Jewish Pubs from Tikkun (PDF)

»  Using Social Sites on the Web

•  Building Your Presence with Facebook Pages

»  Cooperation Circle Resource Pages

»  “Waking in Oak Creek”

»  Countering Islamophobia

•  URI Islamophobia Toolkit
•  Holy Quran and People of Other Faiths by Iftekar Hai

»  How to: City or County Wide Day of Service

 From S.A.R.A.H. – highly recommended:
•  How To Organize Community Wide Day with Multiple Events (PDF) — or view as doc
•  Community Wide – the Role of a Hub (PDF) — or view as doc
•  Community Wide – Sample Form for Registering a Project (PDF) — or view as doc

»  Nuclear Weapons Free World

» Human Trafficking

»  URI Star Certificate

•  Now available as PDF.  Print and mail to an interfaith friend as a way of sending good cheer and encouragement. Download URI Star here and reverse side of URI Star here.

Green Prophet Cooperation Circle, a group of environmental journalists and bloggers based in the Middle East, has published a new guide for green bloggers with a grant from the URI Environmental Satellite. “Barefoot Bloggers: Write to Save the Planet” is edited by Karen Kloosterman, an award-winning journalist and blogger who started the CC’s environmental news website,, in 2007. The guide includes chapters by bloggers from the Sierra Club, the Huffington Post, GreenTech Media and more, and covers writing for religious, non-profit and mainstream audiences alike. Click here to buy an electronic copy.

International Day of Peace Post Card artwork: IDPcard2014-2

»  World Interfaith Harmony Week (WIHW) and International Day of Peace (IDP)

URI Cooperation Circles are fully autonomous organizations. Some are well established nonprofit organizations. Many are local grassroots groups which have formed to further their community’s appreciation for diversity of religious and faith traditions, or to work collaboratively with people of many faiths to address local issues and concerns related to the URI Principles.